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Substituted cathinones are derivatives from cathinone and are stimulants and entactogens. Chemical companies supply Dimephedrone in the form of white powder. The chemical formula of this chemical for research is C12H17NO. The molecular mass of Dimephedrone is 191.27 g/mol. If you want to buy 3,4-DMMC keep in mind that this research chemical can only be used for chemical research.Dimephedrone is not for human consumption. Chemical companies that supply 3,4-DMMC specifically emphasize this fact as the reports have been made that some individuals take it either orally or intranasally for the purposes different from chemical research. These people state that they feel euphoria and relaxation, in other cases stimulation and sexual arousal has been reported. Some of them compare 3,4-DMMC to amphetamines. Chemical suppliers warn you that Dimephedrone can damage your health when consumed. Buy 3,4-DMMC only as a chemical for research.

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