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2-Fluoromethamphetamine (2-FMA) is a new designer drug that makes part of research chemicals. 2-fluoromethamphetamine is a strong stimulant and is very similar according to its main properties to another designer chem - 2-Fluoroamphetamine that is also well known as 2-FA. Another name for 2-fluorometamphetamine is 2-FMA which is its trade name and mhore common on the market.

Systematic chemical mane for 2-Fluormethamphetamine is (RS)-1-(2-fluorophenyl)-N-methylpropan-2-amine. Its molar mass equals to 167.223 g/mol. The chemical formula of this stimulant drug is C10H12FN.

Recent chemical research has shown that both 2-Fluormethamphetamine and amphetamine influence TAAR receptors. It makes these research chems more interesting as potent agonist for these receptors. 2-Fluormethamphetamine has been discovered recently and appeared on the market as a new research chemical.

No Federal Law banned this chem. 2-Fluormethamphetamine can be purchased online as well as its analogues. AS this research chemical is a new designer drug its properties haven’t been studied properly yet.

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