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Group Buys

What is this? 

This is a group buy.  It means a group of people unites with a goal to buy larger batch of some product for better rate, then everyone get their share, depending on amount of money they spent. Such deals are usually complicated, becuase require close cooperation, often personal connections between group members, planning, etc.. This also involves risk of scam, since relatively large sum of money and then product has to be in hands of one person, individual. It turns out such deals are not available or are a pane for most of potential customers.

We offer anyone to particiapte in a group buy. You don't even need to know the people you are cooperating with. Moreover our group buy is progressive and this progress can be observed live here on buy-jwh.com The more people participate the more is your common balance and we consider it as single deal, so the larger the deal is the lower per gram price is.

How it works?

Pretty simple. A group buy is considered as a single sale, like if wholesale customer came and bought large amount of product. The difference is we ship this amount to multiple people in multiple parcels. You can see list of active group buys on the left with timer going and current money in the pot. The more money is in the pot the more grams per dollar we will send to everyone when timer dings or progress bar reaches scale's end.  The rate you are paying is changing in your favour with more purchases after yours.

For example If it is 1000 EUR in the pot. Per gram price at this level is 10EUR/g. You spend 100EUR. If noone else participates after you, you are getting your 10g. But if pot rises to 2000 EUR   because of other people's sales and per gram price at that mark is 5EUR/g, you will get 20g of product for 100EUR spent initially. If progress bar reaches its end group buy is over too, since  amount of product is limited.

There are no group buying offers at the moment.